The role of ultrasound in GIANT CELL ARTHRITIS: Hands-on workshop



Hoda Tarakmeh, MD | Kuwait


Workshop Date


Workshop Description

The advent of using ultrasonography in the field of rheumatology has changed the course of diagnosing and treating many rheumatological conditions.
The use of ultrasound now in rheumatology is no longer limited to musculoskeletal conditions. As its use to diagnose giant cell arteritis has been a hot topic over the past few years, many rheumatologists now use ultrasonography in diagnosing giant cell arteritis. Because this topic has been gaining the attraction of many rheumatologists over the past few years and many of us aim at increasing their experience at performing this type of vascular ultrasound, this joint workshop was for that reason organized.
This workshop aims at educating rheumatologists and healthcare professionals of interest on the use of fast track pathways, probability testing and ultrasonography in the diagnosis of GCA.
Latest updates in the management of GCA will also be covered

Educational Objectives

Fast track clinics, how these were developed, the impact of early diagnosis of large vessels vasculitis on patient outcomes.
GCA probability score, how to categorize patients into low intermediate and high probability categories
Role of vascular ultrasound with a Probability based score.
Role of other imaging modalities in the diagnosis of large vessel vasculitis
Latest management updates in the field of large vessel vasculitis and GCA

Targeted Audience

Rheumatologist, Rheumatology fellow/resident, Radiologist, Radiology residents


Attendees preferably should have experience in US (basic, intermediate, advanced level) as pre-requisite for joining this workshop.

Registration Fees

Early Bird registration  200 USD

Late registration  250 USD

ONSITE registration  300 USD


Limited seats up to 20 participants


Pre-registration is required

Venue place

Regency Hotel, Kuwait City


CME Accredited